Curriculum and instruction

Dr. Greg Wheeler
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 


Nivia Davis

Federal Programs Assistant



Prince Edward County Public Schools Instructional Process

Our instructional process includes the following components:

  • Curriculum scope and sequence aligned to the standards of learning
  • Ongoing analysis of student, student and division achievement data
  • Targeted professional development
  • Re-alignment of resources to support the instructional focus
  • System of prevention and interventions

Implementation and Description

To support teachers in the instructional process and provide them with the appropriate tools to be successful in the classroom, we have put in place the following:

Curriculum Aligned in Scope and Sequence

The curriculum in all core areas is fully aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning. All teachers participate in activities designed to strengthen the alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment.  This includes revision of the pacing K - 12 to reflect new standards and resources and workshops for all teachers on unwrapping the standards.

Analysis of Data

Prince Edward County Public Schools uses a wealth of data to inform decisions and plan for the future. Student achievement, discipline and attendance data provide the backdrop for constructive, collective decisions regarding prevention and intervention systems.   Administrators and teachers analyze and discuss data in rich conversations focused on results.

Targeted Professional Development

In Prince Edward County Schools, professional development supports the instructional focus of the division and the individual schools.  Professional development across the division targets implementing the new content standards, creating a positive school environment and utilizing high-yield instructional strategies, especially in reading and math.

Alignment of Resources

All resources, including time, people, and money, are aligned to support the instructional focus.  As a school division, we allocate resources to support and improve student achievement.

System of Prevention and Intervention

Increasing the achievement of all students means using a toolkit of effective strategies and differentiating instruction for students who need extra support or challenge. Therefore, administrators and teachers use the data from nine-week content assessments and monthly reading assessments to identify the needs of students and plan strategies to provide continuous support.  Each school develops a plan for providing intervention and enrichment during the school day or after school.  


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