For Staff

Employee Email - This is the link for teachers and staff to log into their email account.

Power Teacher - This is the link to log in to the teacher side of PowerSchool, so teachers can update things like their grade book or attendance.

CTE Resource Center - Here is a link to the CTE site with all the information regarding career and technical education for Virginia.

 Frontline (Formerly Aesop) - Here is where you can log in and report absences.

Maintenance Support Request - This is where teachers can report any maintenance problem. 

IT Support Request - This is where teachers can report any technology problem.

Calculation Tool for LRE - Calculation tool for SPED teachers.

STEAM Encyclopedia - This link will take you to Mr. Tate's website for the STEM Department.

TalentEd - This link will take you directly to the login page for the TalentEd Teacher Evaluation website.

WebClock - This link is where staff can log their hours worked.

Virginia IEPStudent Success Planning - PCG Education is a leading national provider of data solutions that promote student success.