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Prince Edward County Public School Bus Route Information
2011-2012 Combined School Bus Routes

As we receive new data from the student information system we will change bus routes to accommodate changes of address, new enrollments and program assignments.  Therefore we expect that while bus stop locations will remain relatively constant, bus numbers and stop times will change whenever a route is adjusted.  Based on past experience, we expect minor change during early August and early September. 

All of the bus stops are based on student addresses provided by each school. If you do not find a stop we may not have the right address.  Contact your school to be sure they have the correct address on file, including any day care addresses.  If the address is right call us at (434) 315-2106 and we will investigate the problem.

Your child should arrive at the stop at least five minutes before the regular arrival time of the bus.  These are preliminary bus routes and departure times and are subject to change depending upon enrollment.  If you have any problems or questions concerning this schedule, please call Mr. Lylton Crenshaw, Supervisor of Transportation at (434) 315-2100 ext. 3632.