Support Services



Richard Goode
Director of Support Services
434-315-2100 ext. 3529

[email protected]

Shaunda Eppes
Secretary to Support Services
434-315-2100 ext. 3521
[email protected]

Community Use of Facilities

Application for Use of School Facilities

2021-2022 PECPS Code of Conduct

2021-2022 PECPS Attendance Policy

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Bruce Davis

Supervisor of Food Services

434-315-2100 Ext. 3833

William Mayhew

Supervisor of Bus Transportation

434-315-2100 Ext. 3632

Daniel Jefferson

Supervisor of Mechanics

434-315-2100 Ext. 3627

Clifford Wilkerson

Supervisor of Maintenance

434-315-2100 Ext. 3724