PECES Learns About Band

4th Graders Learn About Band
Posted on 05/10/2023
This is the image for the news article titled 4th Graders Learn About BandThe middle school and high school band teachers paid a visit to the 4th grade elementary students. The purpose behind this gathering was to inspire and encourage the students to consider participating in the band once they transition to middle school. The ultimate goal was to foster a passion for music that would carry on as they progressed to high school.

Mr. Ganzert, the middle school band teacher, took the opportunity to engage the students in an informative discussion about the wonders of middle school band. Following his insightful talk, Mrs. Parker, the high school band teacher, stepped in and guided the students on how to produce sound from each music instrument, offering hands-on demonstrations for them to follow along. To continue the excitement, the high school students showcased their expertise by presenting a lively demonstration of each instrument, culminating in a captivating performance of a song by the high school band.

Both teachers took the opportunity to highlight the many benefits of being a part of the band. Engaging in band activities allows students to delve into the world of music, starting from middle school and extending all the way through high school. Beyond learning about instruments and musical skills, band participation presents a unique opportunity for students to forge new friendships and cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for music.

This memorable interaction between the band teachers and the enthusiastic 4th grade students served as a powerful opportunity to ignite a love for music and inspire their continued participation in the band as they journey through middle school and high school.

Students interested in jonin the high school or middle school band should reach out to one of the band teachers. Those interested in joining the Marching Band should attend Band Camp July 10th-14th and July 17th-21st. Band camp is open to all 6th-12th graders.