For Students

Performance Matters- This is where students will take online assessments given by their teachers. 

Canvas- This is where students can login to their PECPS Canvas account. 

Accelerated Reader - This is where students, teachers, and parents can go to either take tests on books or check in to see how a student is doing on these tests.

AR Home Connect - Accelerated Reader for use when off campus.

AR Book Finder - Where you can find books enrolled in Accelerated Reader.

Clever - SSO Tool

Desmos Calculators - Calculator applications that will be used on many math SOLs per VDOE Supt. Memo

- This link takes you to a web-based learning program that challenges the students with interactive content.

Postsecondary Education and Employment Info
 - This site contains information about postsecondary education and employment information for high school students and parents.

PowerTest - Student Assessment Link

SafeShare Reporting
 - PECPS SafeShare provides our students, parents, and community a way to report bullying, cyberbullying, or other serious concerns.

World Book Online - This link takes you to an online encyclopedia for student research. 

Student Portal - This link connects the students or parents can log into PowerSchool to check grades, class schedules, etc.